How do I know I’m getting the best cheap airplane tickets?

Given the proliferation of cheap airline tickets websites on the internet, how do you know that you’re actually getting the very best deal? It really boils down to what your definition of “the best” is.

Believe it or not, cheap is not set in stone. A $10,000 airline ticket might actually be cheap if it’s going to be the only airline ticket that will enable you to flee a location where there is a zombie apocalypse breaking out, or there is some sort of incurable viral infection spreading. Did you get my point?

Cheap is a function of economics, and economics always works, based on the iron law of supply and demand. In certain contexts, due to the interplay between supply and demand, $10,000 for a pair of economy class or coach class airline tickets might seem like an out-and-out bargain. On the other extreme, $10 for an intercontinental airline ticket might be cheap. It all depends on the economic set of circumstances surrounding the airline ticket’s pricing at that particular point in time.

You have to always keep this in mind because the internet has actually revealed or exposed the economic interplay between supply and demand, so it becomes easier and easier for us to determine what truly is cheap. However, this economic interplay is still in play. It’s never going to go away, and that’s why be prepared for price fluctuations.

Don’t think that, just because a website advertises itself as cheap, you have every right to expect rock-bottom prices. It depends on when you look, and it also depends on what you’re looking at. If you choose the peak season, and you’re trying to book two weeks ahead, don’t be surprised when the best prices are, at best, maybe 30 to 40% off regular prices. If you have committed to traveling on a moment’s notice, and you wouldn’t mind being on-call, then you have every right to expect discounts of at least 50% off of published prices.

It really all depends on where you are at a particular set in time, what you’re willing to go through, and also market conditions. With all that said, there is another term that needs to be defined here because if you’re trying to figure out if you got the best cheap airplane tickets, you also have to pay attention to the phrase “the best”.

This is crucial because what’s the best for you might not be all that good to somebody else. In fact, it might be a horrible choice because everybody’s different. Everybody has different expectations and purposes for their airline tickets.

We all bring these differences to the table, and that’s why when we recommend certain services or products to our friends, we have to give them a disclaimer. We have to tell them, “This is my situation, and this is why I think this is a great deal.” They can take it or leave it.

They can look at your situation and see if their situation is the same or similar enough for your recommendation to make sense in their particular situation. If not, then you can recommend everything, but it’s not really going to benefit anybody because your set of circumstances are too different from each other.

Keep this in mind when trying to use the word “the best”. It’s actually a good idea to step away from that because ultimately, it’s subjective. With everything else being equal, and all other objective factors being in play, it really is a judgement call to say that something is the best when it might well turn out to be a nightmare to the person whom you are recommending that product to.

So, how do we get around the concept of “the best”? Simple, just look at the prices and look at the purposes you have set for yourself in light of your total set of circumstances. If you’re able to do that, and you have that level of attention to detail, then you will get the best deal all the time, every time.