How Do I Know My Payroll Company Is Making My Tax Payments?

How Do I Know My Payroll Company Is Making My Tax Payments?

Thousands of businesses choose payroll outsourcing every year, as they find it easier overall. The payroll teams are supposed to make it simple for business owners to run their business successfully and to ensure the necessary payments are made to employees and the government. Unfortunately, there are times when the payroll people fail in their job and it could leave businesses in hot water. So, how can you be sure the payroll company you hire is making the necessary tax payments?

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Ask For Proof of Payment

Just because you have opted for payroll outsourcing that does not mean to say you still aren’t responsible for what happens. You are the one in charge of the business and, while they may be running the payroll, ultimately the responsibility falls to your feet. If you’ve agreed with the payroll team for them to pay the necessary tax payments then you must ensure they are doing just that. Ask for proof of payment; if the service has been doing the right thing then they should have some documentation to prove they have been making the necessary payments. This is one simple way to ensure everything has been paid.

Contact the Necessary Authorities To Be Sure

Sometimes the tax authorities won’t contact you until the end of the year when they demand payment, but it’s not something you want to happen. This can be a nasty shock for some and it’s not always ideal either. However, your payroll services Australia should be paying on time and most will; that being said, you still have to be sure. Taking what the payroll service tells you at face value is good but you must be sure. It’s wise to contact the local tax office to find out whether or not the necessary payments have been made. There should be a way to find out this so ask to be sure. Learn more about control by hiring online payroll services at

Have a Signed Agreement with the Payments Included

You might think setting out a contract in which you state the payroll company you hire is responsible for all the necessary employee and business tax payments is a waste of time, but it’s actually a good idea. When you have this signed agreement, it’s a legal and binding document and while it may not tell you whether or not they are actually making the payments, it’ll hold them responsible should they fail to do so.

This means if they fail to do their job, you can technically sue payroll services Australia that you’ve hired as they’ve breeched the contract. Very few people will want to risk legal action so it’s a good bet they’ll pay. Learn more about Business tax payments by clicking here

Trust Only Goes So Far

You might think you’ve hired the right people to assist in your day-to-day business, but you can never be too sure. It’s good to have a bond of trust between yourself and the payroll company but at the same time, you shouldn’t be so trusting that you let things slip. You should absolutely trust the payroll company but only up to a certain point, otherwise you might end up with egg on your face. Choose payroll services Australia wisely and make sure they are making the correct payments as and when is required.


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