Top Reasons to Payroll outsourcing Your Payroll Services

Top Reasons to Payroll outsourcing Your Payroll Services

Payroll is a very time taking activity. It includes the preparation of pay-slips from time-sheets, payment of the salaries and superannuation. The recording and accrual of sick and annual leave is a headache many employers can do or not. Payroll Services Australia is processing your payroll very timely and accurately. We are offering cost saving services ensuring that your company complaint with all relevant legislation. A non-core function best left to payroll outsourcing companies and payroll service is known as Payroll. Payroll outsourcing incluses:

  • Preparation of all types of pay slips
  • Payment of salaries and some other benefits
  • Accrual of leaves and maintain record of leaves taken so far
  • Payment and the calculation of Superannuation

Reporting and tax done by our service includes preparation of the payroll journal to upload in to your accounting software, comprehensive reporting of the payroll and lodgment of payroll tax. Software options available for it are MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks/Reckon. There are two ways of working. First is email or fax the time sheets at the end of each period-Symarco Payroll Service Australia will then process the payroll and emails the summary and pay slips-Employers will approve the pays-Payment is done by either SPS or employer-Funds can be transferred to pay staff to us or a TNA can be arranged by authority given foe SPS to debit the employer’s accounts. Payroll services are best for clients because of following reasons:

  • Melbourne Based
  • Cost effective
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Small and large payroll
  • Expertise to apply any changes

Seven reasons to outsource payroll services are:

1. st pay slips

For those employers who are interested in creating their need pay slips and many payments. In this way, they can keep record of pay easily and accurately.

2. Slips and payments

It is including all the salaries, pay slips and superannuation payments.


Payroll can be processed by using modern and efficient software seamlessly.

4. Standard Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing demands to fax or email timesheets. Salaries and superannuation can be paid by either the company or customer. Our company emails your reports and pay slips.

5. Premium online Outsourcing

Time sheets can be entered online. Employee self-service is allowing the employees to apply for the leave online and check their payslips and leave balances.

6. Pricing

  • Standard: 6.50 Dollars per person per pay run
  • The minimum fee is 30 Dollars per pay run
  • Superannuation Payments is 20 Dollars per month.

Online employee self-service: It is done by a fixed fee of 80 Dollars per run plus 6.50 Dollars per pay run. Superannuation Payments are the same as above for standard pricing.

7. Payroll service Australia

Payroll Services Australia is a very well-established team of payroll experts and specialists with offices in both Sydney and Melbourne. The payroll outsourcing procedure is believed to be simple and accurate. After having experience over Twenty years in processing payroll for both foreign and local clients, we recommend the payroll outsourcing process because of efficiency and accuracy.



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